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Monday, July 20, 2009

New Sponsors!!

Ok I have had quite the week here! Aside from the 4 therapies a week for my son, this past week My husband got his wisdom teeth out & we traded one vehicle for another vehicle & I completed my first wholesale order! Which leads me into...

Sharni from the Nappy Shoppe is such a talented mama! We "met" through the gDiapers yahoo group where they can only sing her praises about how much they love everything she does! Basically Sharni has a site that can explain anything & everything you need to know about cloth diapering. She offers many options- all personally tested by her sweet 16mo old. Sharni has been through it all- She had her first child in 1987 in Australia (why her shop is called nappy shoppe) & use the little squares & pins like you think of when someone says cloth diapers- now that she is on her 4th, she has used a ton of different kinds-

But she doesn't only sell cloth diapers- she sells diaper bags, quilts &... drum roll please.... my mama cloth bags! So look for them in the coming day! If you have ever considered using cloth- check out Sharni's site- she explains it all right here!

Jennifer from Hand Picked Daisy is so incredibly talented- I look at her visiting teaching kits & I just think wow... & I can't try to explain! She also makes awesome sunday totes to keep the little ones interested & entertained during church. There is much more to her than these but she says it best!

"I got started by making Visiting Teaching kits a year ago from March. I started selling them at a local boutique when every month I sold more and more. I decided to put them on the Internet last July and my business just exploded! It was so exciting and rewarding to see women buy something I made! Since then I have been growing more and more each month.

I just love to create and I'm having so much fun doing it! My favorite item's are the Visiting Teaching kits. Each month is a new kit and it keeps me on my toes with coming up with new creations.
I have other items that I make and sell as well as the Visiting Teaching kits. Items for Primary, Young Women's, and Relief Society. I also make lots of gifts for the Christmas holidays too."

Check these ladies out!

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