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Monday, July 20, 2009

New Product!

Ok so really it's a twist on an old product but it's now my favorite!

Knit over soakers!

Basically it's an extremely cute knit material (very very popular prints in the cloth diaper world) over my fleece soakers- which to remind you is the underwear looking fleece bottoms. These are great to wear anytime of day- I love to dress my boys in these! I have matching shirts & they make the CUTEST outfits! I also love that for the just in case leaks that can happen (try a 2yr old downing 32oz of water right before an hr drive- EEK) because his seat didn't get wet- only his little bottoms! & the best part is that they can go into the wash with the normal clothes- not like other cloth diaper covers that generally need to be washed a special way!

So here's how the pricing works-

NB : $12.73
SM : $13.76
MD : $14.79
L : $15.82
XL : $16.85

These do not include shipping, but weigh less than 13oz so they can go first class* so shipping will be between $1.50 & $3.50.

These outfits include a shirt (you pick the size) & the bottoms- for the girly ones, you can add an interchangeable headband with flower/bow for $3.

& without further ado-

The fabrics: (a few more to come in the near future!!!)

The outfits: Any of these can be recreated or purchased!

Red Robots (can be bought HERE)

Blue & Orange Ooga Booga

Mint Chocolate Zoo (can be purchased HERE)

Chocolate Iced Giraffe


Anonymous said...

Just got the small mint zoo and red robot set in the mail. They are so cute! Can't wait for my little man to get here to try them out. Thanks again!!

The Wibbenhorst's said...

I think I got one of the first ones! We still love our girly ooga set and I think we might just have to get the iced giraffe pretty soon! :p
Love your stuff Ashley!

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