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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Raffle Time!

As many of you know my husband is currently serving in Korea with the air force. He has the possibility to come to Alaska for 2 weeks & I'm dying for the chance to see him! I'm trying to raise money for my plane ticket up there so I'm going to start a raffle: $1 gets you 1 entry, $5 gets you 6. I have to get at least $100 in entries to run the raffle. The prize is $100 gift card to my store


good for anything! If I get $400, I will give 2- $100 and if I get $600, I will do 3. The ticket is $800 so I'd love to get the full amount, but as much as I can get will help tons! if I can get $800 earned, I will give 2- $100 gift cards, 2 $50 gift cards & 4 $25 gift cards. these don't expire and can be used for anything, split into 2 or 3 orders or whatever. They can also be gifted to a friend, or used for yourself, or split half for you, half for a friend! If more than the $800 is raised, it will go towards either a 2nd plane ticket for my almost 3 year old (how awesome to go see his daddy!) or for a ticket later in the year for a visit to Korea! If the goal is surpassed there will be a HUGE surprise!

I will run the raffle through the end of august & will draw winners September 1. I really REALLY want to go visit so please help me make it up there!!!!

Money can be sent to babybugcreationsllc@gmail.com

Be sure to put your name & number of entries you are purchasing so I can keep track!

Thanks for your support & help to reach my goal! ♥ Ashley

PS if the $100 isn't reached, I will raffle off the $ amount of money earned (i.e. $20 earned = $20 gift card)





Mama2O said...

What a great idea! I'll pray that mamas respond to your offer and request!

Jennifer said...

I was wondering how long the raffle would run.

Ashley & Kevin said...

Raffle will end sometime 1st week of September

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