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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wet Bags

Wetbags are great- they have a double purpose- If you use cloth diapers, they hold the dirties, & if you don’t , they can serve to hold wet clothes from swimming, leaking diapers or hold dirty clothes! My wetbags are made from 1mil PUL- PolyUrethane Laminate, a waterproof material, sewn separately from the outside which is made from super cute cotton print fabric. By sewing them separate, this prevents wicking of the moisture. Each bag is closed with a durable zipper to keep the smells in! They can have a snapping handle or a permanent loop.

Wetbags come in 5 different sizes-*
Each size has it's own name, coming from the nicknames for my kids!
Shipping will be First Class mail to US & will be determined by weight

XS(mini bug): holds 1-2 diaps- $9

Small(baby bug): holds 3-5 diaps- $11

Medium (lil bug): holds 6-8 diaps- $14

Large (toad's bag): holds 12-18diaps- $18

XL(big toad's bag): holds 15-25 diaps- $22

***I can also make a double zippered pouch to hold mama cloths for 17ppd***

Reusable snack baggies (AKA Bug Baggies)

6x6 for $5.50 each or 2 for $9

8x8 for $7.55 each or 2 for $12

If you want snaps on your baggies add $1 extra per baggie.


Amy Ray said...

Wet Bags! I would choose a wet bag. What a great idea! I am due to have my first child in June and we are going the cloth diaper route! I am so excited! My cousin (an avid Bum Genius user) recommended using wet bags. I didn't know what they were! Yours are precious!!!!!! NIce work!

I also posted a link to your site on my blog

And...I became a follower:).

I am really impressed!

Amy Ray said...

Opps! I just put the wrong blog address on my entry!
I gave you my email address....:)

Sareen said...

I love the wet bags. I use the cloth diapers and am adding reusable snack bags. Cheers!

Ellen said...

My favorite new items are the snack bags. I also like the wet bags, but we have a bunch of those already for cloth diapers-- whereas you can never have enough snack bags!

A few things we do to be "green," other than using cloth diapers and reusable snack bags, are using reusable grocery bags, reusable (metal) water bottles, and environmentally friendly household cleaners, and hang-drying clothes whenever possible.

Love your site!

Claire said...

I can't decide between the wet bag and the snack bags - either one would be so handy!

Molly H. said...

I love the new snack bags! I've been wanting some of these - especially since I've had to start making school lunches! Another wetbag would also be nice - we're always out an about and yours are pretty enough to show off! :)
We are going GREEN! Reusable bags, homemade cleaners, cfl bulbs, composting, repurposing old clothing, cloth diapers and walking a lot! Fun stuff!
Sorry, I don't have a blog or I'd definitely post about you! I'll add your site to my FB page, though!
Will become a follower after storytime.....
BTW: I call my little Kali "kali-bug"!

Carmen said...

Snack bags! Snack bags! Awesome! All of your creations are really cute! :)

momof2Boys said...

I love the snack bags and the wet bags. They are so neat, with two boys the would make things easy.
I am a follower, also I am going green we have homemade cleaners and reusable bags for shopping.

Nancy said...

Nancy Offermann

Nancy said...

Ooops!my comment didn't make it!
The wet bags and the snack bags are the greatest!
~Nancy Offermann teeoff10@aol.com

Brenbren said...

I am a follower, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the reusable snack bags, I posted a thing on my blog at http://oneamazingfamily.blogspot.com/2009/05/babybug-give-away.html


Rane said...

Oh I love the bug legs!!
MY girl love the one pair
she owns, but the are handmedowns
and are really worn out.
She is 18 months.

We are recycling everything
we use... by our selves if we
can. The kids just made bowling
game out of plastic bottles.
We also made a shoping bag set
out of ...get this... plastic
bags... I knitted them in to
a new bag it took a ton of them
but it was fun and now I just
bring my own.
We also use metal water bottles...
and the kids take containers for
their lunches... no plastic
to throw away.
I do watch you site... but I
do not know if I have to do something to be a follower...?
I have 6 kids so I am way to
busy in life to have a blog or
I would post about you.
Thank you

Margret said...

Moms today have so many advantages that this grandma didn't have! I love all your products. I sure could have used these when I was raising my five little ones. Getting these for my grandsons will be great. I am a follower, and I am making my household green: recycling,water conservation, using less electricity and my own shopping bags, growing a garden and more. Sorry, I don't have my own blog.

proph said...

I forgot I am going green by using reusable grocery bags, using gDiapers, and I am recycling even though I live in a tiny apartment.

Tricia said...

Absolutely LOVE the wet bags!

Bobbi said...

I LOVE my Wetbag Ashley! You are very talented! I can't wait to check out some of your other items!

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